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Dear 2020

Dear 2020,

Wow. You were not what any of us expected. You came with such anticipation and excitement. 2020 vision was our motto. Although you did not look like what we imagined, and even though you brought such pain and heartache, you also brought a message that was exactly what we needed to hear.

You’re very familiar with the negatives you brought so I don’t feel the need to discuss them but I would like to focus on and thank you for the positives.

You reminded us to cherish our loved ones. Time is precious. Moments with family and friends are precious. Throughout life we have gotten caught up. We’ve been selfish with our time and haven’t made relationships a priority. Thanks for helping us remember that our lives would not be complete without the ones we love and who love us.

You reminded us all of our faith. The world was falling apart but Jesus remained our hope. In such a dark time, Jesus was still our light. 2020, you were a reminder that God is still faithful. He was, is and always will be good. He is forever in control.

Many are glad to be done with you but I would like to say thank you. Because of you, we paused and remembered what is really important. We expressed gratitude to those in our communities who have been making a difference before you even began. We fought for change. We pondered the future and planned for a brighter tomorrow. Because of you, we are thankful to see 2021.

2020 - thank you and sayonara.


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