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Let Me Teach You

Lately, I've been frustrated with the state of my life. I look at all the areas of my life and nothing seems to be going how I planned. This mentality reveals that I've been trying to make my life my own. I know my life is not my own; I live for the glory of God. Evidently, I forget sometimes. I often complain about how there isn't a manual for life and then catch myself. "Oh. Yea there is. The Bible. I need to read that more."

Walking with Jesus is the answer to contentment. There is no reason why I should be spending my days in a constant state of agitation, frustrated over my current situation. Jesus is offering a better solution. In Matthew 11, Jesus says, "Let me teach you..." Jesus promises rest. He promises peace. I can't say this season has had rest and peace, which is evidence that I have not been prioritizing my relationship with Christ.

I vow to let Jesus teach me His ways. Staying by His side is where I want to be. I don't want to be in the murky pit of despair with feelings of irritation and discontentment. The truth is, I don't have to be. Jesus has already lifted me out. Why do I keep diving back in? My prayer for this season is for both you and I to realize that Jesus is all we need.

If you can relate, I invite you to read:

  • Matthew 11:28-30 and know that Jesus is gifting us rest

  • Philippians 4:11-14 and know that a life with Jesus is a life of contentment

  • Psalm 40:2 and know that Jesus lifted us out of the pit of misery, out of the deep mud, and gave us a place to stand, a place where we will not slip and fall

Understand Jesus loves and cares for you. If we walk with Jesus, if we keep our focus on our Savior, you and I can look around and have peace in all our situations. Thank You Jesus for Your promises.

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